Mediation Advocacy Training Programme

The Mediation Advocacy Training Programme is the result of the profound experience of its creators, Spyros Antonelos, Eleni Plessa and Irini Matsouka, both in international and national mediation cases.


The Training Programme is  designed to meet the needs of Greek reality, based on the provisions of the new Law 4640/2019 and it is suitable for Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers who are willing to integrate Mediation into their daily legal practice and be benefited from its advantages.


The total duration of the Training Programme as it is now provided in cooperation with the Athens Bar Association is 10 hours.


Since 2015 hundreds of Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers from the Athens Bar Association and other Bar Associations of the country, have participated and have been benefited from the Programme, which has received excellent comments.

These are some of the topics that are covered:

  • What is Mediation (Law 4640/2019) and how is it conducted? (step by step, theory and simulations of Mediation processes for a better understanding of the procedure)
  • How can Mediation beintegrated in the daily legal practice of Lawyers and serve as a useful tool?
  • Why is itbeneficial both for the Lawyers and their Clients to make the first step towards the resolution of a legal dispute?
  • How does the role of a Lawyer before the Court differ from their role in Mediation?
  • How should Lawyers prepare and advice their client, natural or legal person, on Mediation?
  • How should Lawyers support their clients efficiently before, during and after Mediation?